I just had a great conversation with one of my best friends from high school. We were in a rock band when we were teenagers and he was a phenomenal drummer then and he’s even more amazing now. The interesting thing is that in our conversation today, we discussed how much we love music. We can listen to the same album from our high school years and marvel at the guitars, the drums and the different hooks and turns in each song. He and I still marvel at the arrangement of certain albums, the production value and just how great we feel from the songs.

What I love about these moments more than anything else is that we don’t dwell on pointless nostalgia and remembering when we were that age etc. We just love certain types of music and we simply never stop living in that love of the music and experiencing the joy it brought us. So even as we’re older now, our hearts and souls will love music and the joy of playing and listening to it.

The reason I titled this post “What’s Inside of You Part 1” is because as many of us grow into adulthood, we focus on letting go of childish things or fanciful musings from our youth. In fact, we often forget that those elements we are supposed to get rid of from younger days actually keep us grounded and remind us of whom we are. Take a moment my friends. Look at those things from your younger years and embrace what they gave you then and how they can keep you going now. There are so many wonderful things within us but we seem to stack one on top of the other just to make sure that we’re seemingly growing. Take the time to see what you’re pushing down and out of your life first before you bury it or try to throw it out.  So before you throw them out, just take a moment to see what’s inside of you first.

Until next time, your life is a gift, share it generously and wisely.