Tom’s innovative keynotes, workshops, and interactive experiences helped hundreds of organizations and thousands of individual participants over the course of his career. Don’t just take our word for it, see what they have to say about their time with Tom. 

“His willingness to tailor his message and skills to the situation that you or your organization may face is a powerful resource that will open your perspective on engagement with others.”

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The staff game activity for my team was a great break for us to connect and have fun. It was challenging and interactive for all of us. I appreciate the engagement with the movement! I’m excited to see what we can create for our program!” 

Tricia Wilkinson

College of Education & Human Development University of Minnesota, TRIO Upward Bound

We hired Tom to be our afternoon keynote on the opening day of our conference and he rocked it. Tom was a calming and funny presence. He took a difficult topic like conflict and difficult people/situations and helped to make it relatable, interactive, humorous and thought provoking. Our crowd was up, moving, laughing, taking notes and got a lot out of his speech. Not only did he perform well on the stage for our attendees, but he was a dream to work with off stage. He was prompt, reliable, kind, and even offered to help promote the event. A+ dream to work with!

Mandi Graziano

Vice President Global Accounts, HPN Global

“Dr. Griggs’ presentation was entertaining, uplifting, passionate, humorous, and energizing.”

Dr. Griggs was fully invested in understanding and addressing the skills and attitudes needed for our healthcare students to be successful in the workplace. With over 119 students in attendance, his 90-minute session was able to engage the audience in a way that made learning both fun and inspiring.  I would highly recommend him for others seeking an energizing, student-focused program.

Jennifer Sramek

Dean of Business, Entrepreneurship, and Health Sciences, Del Mar College

During this pandemic it’s important to have TRIO staff engaged and learning new techniques in working with TRIO students, Dr. Griggs brings a new energy and approach in making this happen. Highly recommend him for your program. 

Sam Blanco III

Director UC Davis School of Education Pre-College TRIO Programs & College Opportunity Programs, TRIO

What he came up with was beyond my expectations. He warmed the group up with an interactive “safety moment” and then taught us the principles of Zanshin Leadership: The Art of Understanding Others Through Self-awareness. The training exercises he and his awesome partner Kelley Reece, LMSW walked us through challenged our perspectives, encouraged us to be vulnerable and broke down biases amongst us that we didn’t even realize we had. My team was so appreciative of the experience and inspired to take what they learned and build upon it. Thanks Tom for helping me to promote leadership development within my department and continue to foster a team culture where we feel less like coworkers and more like a family!

GeJuan Cole

Director of Tactical Projects, Williams Energy

I encountered Tom while organizing the Texas Society for Respiratory Care Annual State Convention. He was thoughtful and reflective of what our mission is and found a way to tailor his vast wealth of knowledge to fit our audience. Finding Tom was like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! A rare find but worth so much more than you initially expected. His willingness to tailor his message and skills to the situation that you or your organization may face is a powerful resource that will open your perspective on engagement with others.

Ceci Oldmixon

TSRC Program Committee Chair 2023, Texas Society for Respiratory Care

Dr. Griggs captured the participants’ attention and imagination while challenging them to do things that they traditionally wouldn’t take part of. I’m already planning to have Dr. Griggs back as part of a future component. 

Val Stinson II

Director, Student Support Services, Del Mar College

He has a real gift for speaking and was able to deliver the information in a fun digestible way!”

Elizabeth (LeDoux) Tajonar

Head of Customer Success, Icebreaker


& uplifting!”

Your program gave all of our attendees a better awareness of empowerment, winning with others and being in control.

Ashley Short Grigsby

President, Commercial Real Estate Women

What it looks like to build a black belt team

The staff game activity for my team was a great break for us to connect and have fun. It was challenging and interactive for all of us. I appreciate the engagement with the movement! I’m excited to see what we can create for our program!


Conference Attendee, Texas Society for Respiratory Care

Every once in a while you have the opportunity to listen or meet someone that has a rare gift. John Maxwell has this ability and Mr. Nguyen Griggs (Sensei Tom) has this gift as well. He has the ability to connect with the audience of all ages, breaking all generation gaps. We recently had the opportunity to have Mr. Nguyen Griggs speak at the May 2013 IEEE Houston Section meeting at the H.E.S.S. hall. The speech was motivational, educational, inspirational, and was delivered straight from Sensei Tom’s heart. If you have issues within your teams or need a great speaker for your school or board room, I highly recommend Mr. Nguyen Griggs. He has a natural ability to deliver a mediating type motivational speech. Mr. Nguyen Griggs is true professional. Thank you again, Sensei Tom.

Vincent W. Wedelich

IEEE Houston Section Chair 2013, Burns and McDonnel

Tom, I am writing to let you know how much HADOA appreciate you speaking at our Annual Managerial Appreciation Meeting. Your presentation far exceeded our expectations for this event. HADOA had the largest membership attendance in four years & had most managerial participation since HADOA’s creation in the 1980’s. We’ve had numerous comments from our membership about how much they enjoyed your speech. Your willingness to spend time tailoring the presentation and talking to HADOA members at a previous luncheon was most appreciated. Your speech “A Black B.E.L.T. Approach to Difficult People and Situations” was right on target with the problematic people issues faced by Division Order Analysts on a regular basis. Your presentation was entertaining, uplifting, passionate, humorous, & energizing. Thank you so much & we look forward to having you speak to our group in the future.

Yolanda Bazán,

Board Member of the Houston Association of Division Order Analysts & Division Order Analyst, Hilcorp Energy


Nguyen’s program gave students a great reminder to be positive leaders to themselves and to others. Through the various exercises, students practiced an important quality that everyone should have: encouragement. Using martial arts, music, dance, and play, the students cheered each other on and realized that no one likes to feel discouraged or cast out. With bullying in schools developing into a rampant problem across this nation, this program helps provide a few poignant remedies.

Elliot Luckett

Music Instructor, Browning Elementary School

I partnered with Tom (Nguyen) to present to my high school students in the East End about options available to them in terms of academics and careers. It was refreshing to have his energetic personality in the room, and it is clear he is passionate about his speaking topics. Tom (Nguyen) was also able to relate to our students on another level and touch on areas of struggle that they might be facing in their own lives, and how they can be overcome in order to transform themselves into successful individuals. His education and journey to becoming who he is today gives him unique perspective that allows others to identify with the content of his presentations. Our students remain grateful for everything Tom has shared in their community thus far, and look forward to future partnerships at Community Family Centers.
Shannen Garza

Youth Education Coordinator, Community Family Centers


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