How many times have you been in need of a pick up, a little inspiration and a touch of motivation? Be honest! Some days, it’s simply a struggle to see the beauty and light on the brightest of days. You may not have a depression issues; you’re just in need of a little “pick me up” and caffeine won’t cut it.

Well I want to tell you that what we may need to consider is looking at the simplest of items and occurrences in our everyday lives for inspiration. Consider the design and structure of a simple leaf. It uses the amazing process of photosynthesis to help it live and the collective of leaves on a tree aid in the processing of carbon dioxide into oxygen. Amazing when you think of it actually. I was watching children play the other day and realized that so many times, young children are in wonder of the simplest things and everyday events that we as adults take for granted.

Watch as children are in wonder and awe of an escalator or an elevator. From their perspective it seems that you in an elevator, you press a button and the whole world magically changes while we simply see it as going from the 5th floor to parking level 1.

Look to children and even seniors at times, when you need inspiration. It’s sadly ironic that it is at the beginning and the end of our lives that we experience the greatest joy, wonder and “ah-ha” moments of life’s seemingly mundane occurrences. Truthfully, there is great joy and inspiration all around us; we just need to be open. Keep sharing and growing dear friends and be the inspiration you seek.

Your life is a gift – Share it carefully and generously