My dad taught me something a long time ago that I could learn from anyone as long as I was willing to listen. That thought resonates with me till this day. In my time in education and life, I’ve learned so much from so many people. I am amazed at how a simple conversation in the elevator provided a wealth of insight regarding a problem, an event or just some wisdom to an average day.

Oddly enough, children will sometimes ask questions of me when I teach martial arts classes that make me think. Their innocent queries can provide me with the realization that perhaps I have a persistent frown on my face or I seem troubled and they can sense it. I can even recall times when wait staff at restaurants helped me through friendly advice just because I was open to talking and willing to listen. It seems that the key to learning then, is openness and willingness to learn, listen and grow.

I hope that this post finds you well, happy and perhaps open for some learning today. Until next time friends, your life is a gift. Share it generously and wisely.