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I am writing to let you know how much HADOA appreciate you speaking at our Annual Managerial Appreciation Meeting. Your presentation far exceeded our expectations for this event. HADOA had the largest membership attendance in four years & had most managerial participation since HADOA’s creation in the 1980s. We’ve had numerous comments from our membership about how much they enjoyed your speech. Your willingness to spend time tailoring the presentation and talking to HADOA members at a previous luncheon was most appreciated. Your speech “A Black B.E.L.T. Approach to Difficult People and Situations” was right on target with the problematic people issues faced by Division Order Analysts on a regular basis. Your presentation was entertaining, uplifting, passionate, humorous, & energizing. Thank you so much & we look forward to having you speak to our group in the future.

Yolanda Bazán

Board Member of the Houston Association of Division Order Analysts & Division Order Analyst, Hilcorp Energy

I partnered with Tom (Nguyen) to present to my high school students in the East End about options available to them in terms of academics and careers. It was refreshing to have his energetic personality in the room, and it is clear he is passionate about his speaking topics. Tom (Nguyen) was also able to relate to our students on another level and touch on areas of struggle that they might be facing in their own lives, and how they can be overcome in order to transform themselves into successful individuals. His education and journey to becoming who he is today gives him unique perspective that allows others to identify with the content of his presentations. Our students remain grateful for everything Tom has shared in their community thus far, and look forward to future partnerships at Community Family Centers.

Shannen Garza

Youth Education Coordinator, Community Family Centers

Every once in a while you have the opportunity to listen or meet someone that has a rare gift. John Maxwell has this ability and Mr. Nguyen Griggs (Sensei Tom) has this gift as well. He has the ability to connect with the audience of all ages, breaking all generation gaps. We recently had the opportunity to have Mr. Nguyen Griggs speak at the May 2013 IEEE Houston Section meeting at the H.E.S.S. hall. The speech was motivational, educational, inspirational, and was delivered straight from Sensei Tom’s heart. If you have issues within your teams or need a great speaker for your school or board room, I highly recommend Mr. Nguyen Griggs. He has a natural ability to deliver a mediating type of motivational speech. Mr. Nguyen Griggs is a true professional. 

Thank you again, Sensei Tom.

Vincent W. Wedelich

IEEE Houston Section Chair 2013, Burns and McDonnel

I grew close to Tom shortly following my college graduation. I found myself unprepared for the gauntlet of significant life changes ahead of me. I faced the start of my career, a painful breakup, workplace conflicts that left me reeling with doubt and frustration.  I felt grossly ill-equipped for what lied ahead. I am eternally grateful that I could turn to Tom for guidance with each hurdle I encountered.

Through his lived experience has proved challenging, it is what makes him so unique in the crowded field of professional speakers. His childhood spent growing up in an hourly motel has informed his ability to manage conflicts, de-escalate arguments, navigate difficult conversations, and help others pursue their higher aspirations. Even faced with the most overwhelming life struggles, a five-minute conversation with Tom will leave you with clarity about how to approach the challenge and feel calm and resolved while managing it. Above all else, Tom is deeply devoted to people and wants to see everyone succeed in whatever it is they wish to pursue.

Kelley L. Reece

Graduate Student, University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work & Hobby School of Public Affairs

Nguyen’s program gave students a great reminder to be positive leaders to themselves and to others. Through the various exercises, students practiced an important quality that everyone should have: encouragement. Using martial arts, music, dance, and play, the students cheered each other on and realized that no one likes to feel discouraged or cast out. With bullying in schools developing into a rampant problem across this nation, this program helps provide a few poignant remedies.

Elliot Luckett

Music Instructor, Browning Elementary

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