A team of black belts does not equal a black belt team.

You’ve probably heard that “TEAM” stands for “Together Everyone Achieves More.” Most people love the “achieves more” part, but struggle with the “together” part. Leveraging  his backgrounds in martial arts, higher education, and business, Dr. Nguyen Tom Griggs transforms dysfunctional groups of individuals into high-functioning teams of black belt leaders.

Find Your Inner Black Belt

Learn about the strengths of character every black belt needs and how to apply them in your day to day life as a team member and as a leader.

Myth of the Lone Warrior

Leaders are definitely made, but often with manufacturing defects such as the “lone warrior” mentality. Transform your leadership style from a solo exercise into a team sport. 

Learning How to Fall

One of the first things you learn in Japanese Jujitsu is how to fall. Counterintuitively, falling is a vital skill for advancement in the art. So why is “falling” outside the dojo a source of shame?

The B.L.A.C.K. B.E.L.T. Experience

Earning a black belt is tough, but keeping it requires mental and physical fortitude. Unlock the strategies that black belts use to endure even the most grueling challenges.  

5 Traits of Black Belt Leaders & Teams

Drawing upon his lived experience and academic research, Tom illustrates the five essential traits critical to team efficiency, performance, and ways to reduce group conflict.


Benefits of Training


Transform oppositional team members into your greatest allies

Leaders commonly complain about their most challenging team members and that fit archetypes of the Motor Mouth, the Pessimist, and the Contrarian. Learn how creativity, empathy, and flexibility can transform difficult working groups into high-performing machines.


Discover the benefits of adopting a white belt mentality

Aging is a privilege that bestows us with opportunities to develop talents, master languages, and accrue wisdom through lived experience. However, there is wisdom in knowing you don’t know everything. Discover how remaining open to learning, developing spiritually, and retaining your sense of curiosity.  


Build stronger teams through compassionate leadership

If we live in a democracy, why do the social politics of our workplaces and schools so closely resemble the caste systems of feudal Japan? Why do we treat some people like emperors and others like indentured servants? Effective leaders empower their teams by developing a culture for people to share their knowledge, demonstrate expertise, and welcome feedback and input to further organizational goals.

“I work with organizations to develop black belt leaders that others want to follow.”

Every day, millions of people show up to work feeling despondent, disconnected, and alienated before they even leave their cars.  You can practically see the veins protruding from the necks of coworkers that are struggling to suppress snide comments resulting from years of built-up resentment at their peers. Disengaged, callous leadership directly contributed to the transformation of our schools and workplaces into social and psychological battlegrounds.

I feel comfortable utilizing negatively charged language and vivid imagery to describe these destructive environments because of my own first-hand experiences with them growing up in my neighborhood, working in the corporate financial sector, and teaching in higher education. The unfortunate reality is, toxic social dynamics permeate all facets of our society.   

I am a life-long student and educator who transforms challenged work groups into supportive teams by educating others about how to become a better leader through self-awareness and compassion. Every customized keynote and workshop is informed by the tenets of Japanese Jujitsu – courage, benevolence, justice, respect, honesty, loyalty, and honor.

My vision is to empower individuals and teams to develop and nurture supportive organizational cultures that make individuals feel valued, heard, excited to come to work.

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“As a leader, if you won’t listen to what your team tells you, then you’re wasting their time and yours.”

Dr. Nguyen “Tom” Griggs is committed to a lifelong pursuit of continuous personal and professional growth. Client input and feedback are integral to that process. Using his creativity, sense of humor, and unique perspective, each keynote and workshop is designed to meet the needs of each individual client. 

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“He was a dynamic, engaging speaker at the Martial Arts SuperShow. It was fantastic to see the audience interact and get involved. I highly recommend hiring Mr. Griggs to speak at your next conference!”

Amy Backus

Director of Marketing, Century MA SuperShow

“Dr. Griggs’ presentation engaged the students in lively discussions and peer-to-peer mentorship. The information that the Talent Search staff gained will impact various aspects of our communities.”

David Barrera, Jr.

Director, TRIO Talent Search

“Dr. Griggs captured the participants’ attention and imagination while challenging them to do things that they traditionally wouldn’t take part of. I’m already planning to have Dr. Griggs back in the future.”

Valton Stinton II

Director, Upward Bound Rural


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